The Role of Teachers in the Age of AI

by | Nov 6, 2023 | learning and teaching | 0 comments

What is a teacher,  and is he still crucial in our daily life? What is his role in the era of artificial intelligence (AI)? Today, you can design, write, and sing by clicking one button. You can publish anything and become an influencer on social media without a teacher.

The world of AI is frightening and threatens the lives of millions. AI affects everything: the job market, the future of professions, the values and principles of society, human relationships, and more. Of course, it also affects the teacher-student relationship. Through this article, I attempt to share some characteristics of today’s teacher and the teacher of the future.

Let’s go back in time to ancient Greece and Aristotle. Let’s revisit the importance of asking questions. Today’s teacher must encourage students to ask questions, model how to ask, and inquire. They must spark students’ curiosity and ask open-ended questions stimulating critical and creative thinking. Teachers must know students well, considering them partners in the learning and teaching process rather than empty vessels to fill with information.

Furthermore, teachers must attend training courses and learn new skills to engage and attract students. They must be active in educational networks, participating in seminars, sharing their experiences, and reflecting on the lessons they design and execute. They also need to know why, how, and what they teach. These three questions are crucial, as Simon Sinek expresses.

What about you? What are you doing to keep up with developments? What projects have you implemented this year that highlighted your students’ interests, encouraged them to take responsibility, and initiated actions to help the local and global community?

We all know that one hand alone doesn’t clap, and as teachers, we must collaborate in all forms and ways to prepare students for the communities of the future and adapt to life’s changes.

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